Case Study
Enabling a rapid business pivot with a new product offering

Talk Think Do helped Explore Learning rapidly pivot during the lockdown when the enforced restrictions closed all the 145 classrooms centres across the UK.

Explore Learning had enthusiastic and dynamic classrooms in which children thrived. The enforced Covid-19 lockdown forced the closure of all these classrooms. Should Explore furlough all the staff? How could the organisation provide it's valuable training and continue to support the progressive teaching of the children?
Popular vanilla applications such as Zoom and Teams were evaluated but couldn't incorporate the curriculum and enable tutors to give both individual and group attention in the online setting.
A more flexible solution was required that didn't impose download requirements and would embed multiple video sources seamlessly across browsers and devices. The carefully crafted syllabus needed to incorporated and the whole new solution was to maintain the 'classroom buzz'.
Talk Think Do worked with Explore Learning to understand the level of integration required and create the right user-experience. The new platform was to encapsulate the 'in classroom' experience as closely as possible while transforming from an on-premise to cloud based solution.
With the commercial pressure of losing members as the classrooms were closed very much in mind an intense dev programme commenced. Integration through the rich API's of the Vonage product meant the solution was delivered in just a few weeks
An initial pilot was hugely successful and the full launched to Explore Learning members.
Now fully deployed the success continues to be considerable with a million questions a week being answered through the 'Compass' system. Even after the lifting of restrictions thirty percent of members prefer to keep using the online system, while many enjoy a mix of both classroom and online.
No longer shackled to classrooms Explore Learning are now able offer a broader set of solutions such as helping schools supplement their work by offering after class online support through 'Compass' - a new business opportunity made possible only b y the agile working of both their systems, company but also their technology partner.

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