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Digital transformation from the inside out - why back to front is actually the right way

28 February 2020 Matt Hammond 3 mins

In every industry, businesses are waking up to the necessity of digital transformation. To be completely effective in the pursuit, however, the right approach must be taken from the offset. Simply trying to bolt a one-size-fits-all solution on top of your existing IT setup or making superficial changes in user/customer-facing areas won’t be sufficient to meet your business goals and needs.  


This blog explores the importance of ensuring that your digital transformation strategy works from the inside out – focussing primarily on solid ‘back end’ technology that is shaped around your business and your needs. 


So, what’s driving digital transformation?

Digital transformation is incredibly powerful. It’s the practice of businesses capitalising on digital technologies to both defend and develop their competitive advantage. Not only are enterprises then able to craft more efficient business models to better serve the needs of their customers, they are able to:


  • Innovate their services
  • Develop new products
  • Expand into new markets


Essentially, digital transformation goes beyond business survival. It provides opportunities for companies to analyse their business operations, optimise their processes, and open themselves up to future possibilities within their marketplace and beyond.


Of course, with great power comes great responsibility. Whilst digital transformation has the potential to take a business to new heights, it also poses many challenges - both in terms of vision and successful execution. Creating a digital transformation initiative involves several stages, like creating a roadmap and making plans that align with long-term business goals. As such, it’s of great importance that businesses approach it for the right reasons, and in the right way.


Avoid technology for technology’s sake

In an increasingly digitised world, it is hardly surprising that companies are regularly taken with the very notion of embracing technology – forgetting that it is intended as a means to an end. As a result, many businesses embark on their digital transformation journey without truly understanding why they are doing so. Instead, they pursue large-scale change efforts in an attempt to keep up with their competitors or to simply capture the widely understood benefits of certain key trends.


To approach digital transformation in this way is a mistake. Rather, business leaders must decide what their specific business needs are and look for a technology solution that will help to achieve them. Digital transformation, to be successful, must be outcome focussed. Businesses must look at how digital transformation is redefining their specific industry, and how it can directly revolutionise their business and keep them ahead of their competitors.


Businesses need to align every aspect of their digital transformation strategy with their specific business outcomes, and then carry it out as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.


Your digital transformation strategy: preparation is key

To fully reap the benefits of new technology, your business needs to follow a well-planned digital transformation strategy. This should involve closely considering the back end of your company – looking at what processes and technology are already in place, mapping out what works and what needs to be improved upon, optimised - or transformed entirely.


Of course, figuring out where to begin is no small feat. Many businesses don’t have the resources or expertise on-site to conduct a thorough internal examination – or to prepare a well-optimised digital transformation strategy of their own. They need a trusted technology partner to guide them through each stage.


Enter Talk Think Do.


By analysing what an enterprise wants, and what it already has, we can solve specific problems and produce the results that a business requires. In combining technology expertise with decades of experience working across multiple industries, the team at Talk Think Do can get to the right conclusions quickly about what your business needs – in turn developing solutions to match.


Talk Think Do will transform your business from the inside out

To stay ahead of the curve, businesses need a technology partner that understands their business and can help them achieve their goals – however they, or the business landscape, may change.


Built to fit your business needs, processes and infrastructure instead of simply placed on top of them – the team at Talk Think Do create tech that works with you, so you don’t have to work around the tech.


We put new, modernised systems in place that increase your capabilities, efficiency and future possibilities. To find out more about how our team can help you to successfully digitally transform your business from the inside out, get in touch with us today.


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