Application Innovation
Exploit new scenarios and opportunities. We help you realise your ambitions and launch and scale applications reliably.

Build your business to get ahead

Digital transformation has become a key element of modern business strategy. Over the last decade digitally native businesses have disrupted traditional competitors in certain markets and, now, the pandemic has caused disruption universally. The grounds for competition have changed and the pace of change has never been higher. The success of businesses is being defined by their ability to develop applications to quickly respond to changing customer demands.

Modern cloud native technologies provide the ideal foundations to support these applications, using a broad base of platform services built for speed of innovation, reliability and security.

We can help you deliver innovative applications quickly and reliably, using cloud native technology, enabling your business to thrive.

We can help turn ambitious ideas into applications, from discovery through alpha, beta and into production, ensuring they are secure, compliant and reliable.

We are Microsoft Gold Partners and are experts at utilising Microsoft Azure to deliver cloud native applications.

How we work

We help private and public sector organisations build innovate mission-critical applications with a cloud native approach using Microsoft Azure.

We'll work to understand your ambitions and the way you work and ensure that we engage in a way that works with your organisation to deliver the specific outcomes you are looking for.

The most effective partnerships are based upon trust. We usually suggest working in small, discrete phases initially to allow you to build a true picture of how we operate.

Our approach to application innovation

Our cloud software development process is agile and efficient. We deliver high quality technology on time and on budget. Unlike others, we don’t waste time in lengthy consultation, because we know you want to get started as quickly as you can.

1. The discovery phase1. The discovery phase

1. The discovery phase

In this initial stage we will work with you to understand the problem that needs to be solved. We will ensure we all have a thorough understanding of requirements and that we understand the constraints and opportunities. We will use this to give an idea of options on cost and timescale to allow you to decide whether to move forward to the alpha stage.

3. The beta phase3. The beta phase

3. The beta phase

In this stage we build a minimum viable product (MVP) for a beta release to a limited group of users so that you can get feedback and improve it. Again, this reduces risk as the users can validate that the solution is delivering the expected outcomes and the organisation can see the technology working for them in their environment.

5. Ensuring you have ongoing support5. Ensuring you have ongoing support

5. Ensuring you have ongoing support

We will support you intensively during the beta and live launch. Depending upon your organisation you may look to support the application yourselves or we can offer our managed application support service. Either way we'll ensure that the transition from intensive project support to ongoing support is seamless.

2. The alpha phase2. The alpha phase

2. The alpha phase

Once in the alpha stage we will design a solution and typically build a proof-of-concept (PoC) that tests any assumptions and addresses particularly risky areas of design or technology. The alpha stage reduces delivery risk and gives your stakeholders a firm idea of the solution and the confidence to progress.

4. The live launch4. The live launch

4. The live launch

Once the beta phase has proven that the solution is fit for purpose we will help you take it live. We will assure the security, reliability, performance and scalability and ensure that support onboarding and service transition has been completed. We can also help support you with any operational changes necessary to support the new application.