Legacy Application Modernisation
Iteratively transform mission-critical legacy applications so you can reduce risk and increase agility.

The challenge of legacy applications

Legacy applications are holding back innovation and growth for many organisations. Many organisations struggle to deliver a true digital transformation, as their backend systems limit them to delivering new customer experiences that are only skin deep. The inability to change these applications then prevents organisations being able to adapt to operational changes without impacting customer experience or introducing time-consuming workarounds.

Additionally, legacy applications can also pose a risk to organisations as many of them are not keeping pace with evolving compliance requirements and cyber security threats.

Many organisations have already started the journey to modernisation by migrating legacy applications to the cloud and are now looking to improve their reliability, security and agility with cloud native features.

We can help assess your current application and suggest a plan to transition to a modern, cloud native architecture either through refactoring or migration.

We are Microsoft Gold Partners and are experts at utilising Microsoft Azure to deliver cloud native applications.

How we work

We help private and public sector organisations modernise their mission-critical applications with a cloud native approach using Microsoft Azure.

We'll work to understand your ambitions and the way you work and ensure that we engage in a way that works with your organisation to deliver the specific outcomes you are looking for.

The most effective partnerships are based upon trust. We usually suggest working in small, discrete phases initially to allow you to build a true picture of how we operate.

Our approach to legacy application transformation

Each legacy application is different. Talk Think Do has a series of steps to modernise legacy applications to adopt a cloud-native approach:

1. Understanding your organisation1. Understanding your organisation

1. Understanding your organisation

We start by understanding your challenges, technical landscape and opportunities that modernisation could bring. We also work with you to agree or recommend an approach to governance, compliance and security.

3. Reviewing our proposal3. Reviewing our proposal

3. Reviewing our proposal

The proposal for each legacy application will vary. We will aim to produce an iterative plan that supports refactoring the application to support best practice. It may be that the technology does not support this approach and we will recommend a rapid replacement and migration. In both cases we aim to produce a staged plan that delivers significant improvements in weeks.

5. Ensuring you have ongoing support5. Ensuring you have ongoing support

5. Ensuring you have ongoing support

We will support you intensively during the transformation project. Depending upon your organisation you may look to support the application yourselves or we can offer our managed application support service. Either way we'll ensure that the transition from intensive project support to ongoing support is seamless.

2. Analysing your application2. Analysing your application

2. Analysing your application

Next, we review your legacy application against it's ability to support 12 technical practices proven to improve delivery. We then define the work required to close the gap and estimate the feasibility and the technical effort of doing so. This helps us produce a recommendation of the right path forward for your application.

4. Delivering modernisation4. Delivering modernisation

4. Delivering modernisation

Our agile delivery process kicks in. We'll work with your business and technical teams to deliver rapid change, while ensuring compliance, reliability and security are not compromised.

6. Helping to deliver the benefits6. Helping to deliver the benefits

6. Helping to deliver the benefits

Much of the benefit of legacy application modernisation comes after the initial transformation is complete. We will work closely to ensure you obtain the maximum benefit from your new cloud native application into the future.