Managed Application Support
We support you with a dedicated support team, proactively monitoring your application with extended support hours.

Organisations are more dependent than ever on their key applications for revenue generation and there have never been a greater number of mission-critical systems.

Applications are under constant change. Applications are regularly updated in order to enable organisations to respond to changing demands. Constant updates are required to keep on top of cyber security vulnerabilities. 

No matter how well an application is developed, tested, operated, or monitored, problems will arise, and those problems will need to be managed and remediated.

If you rely on your application in a world of constant change then effective application support is essential. Ensuring applications are reliable and secure requires expertise that not everyone has available. Unfortunately, as a result, many mission-critical applications are running without the level of support that they deserve.

We ensure your application is proactively monitored for availability, security and performance and an expert team is on hand to deal with any incidents and support technical support requests.

We can provide out of hours cover and can adapt our service to dovetail perfectly with your existing support processes and other third parties as required.

We are Microsoft Gold Partners and are experts at utilising Microsoft Azure to deploy and operate mission-critical applications.

We support mission-critical applications running on Microsoft Azure for private and public sector organisations.

Often the applications that we support are often as a result of our application innovation or legacy application modernisation services, however, we are also happy to support any application.

We understand that managed application support is only effective if it is truly integrated as an extension of your organisation. We therefore heavily customise our standard service to ensure that we adhere with your incident management, monitoring and change control processes.

We understand that support demand can be unpredictable so we usually work on a fixed monthly price based upon support hours and standard ticket cap basis.

Our approach to managed application support

At Talk Think Do we treat each application independently, but we have a standard approach to help us provide a consistent level of service:

1. Understanding your application1. Understanding your application

1. Understanding your application

We will work with you to understand the scope and demands for of your application, your overall support processes and to agree or recommend an approach to governance, compliance and security. We will also assess the technical requirements and establish any necessary knowledge transfer requirements.

3. Onboarding you application3. Onboarding you application

3. Onboarding you application

The onboarding plan will include the agreement and implementation of service level agreements (SLAs), escalation criteria, incident management processes and tools and monitoring and alerts. We will ensure that our team have everything they need and will ensure that the way we operate integrates seamlessly with your operations.

5. Ongoing support5. Ongoing support

5. Ongoing support

We will continue to support you and will provide monthly reporting and regular reviews of opportunities for improvement. We often find that there are problematic areas that repeatedly generate incidents and we will make suggestions where some proactive engineering effort can reduce the number of tickets being raised.

2. Reviewing our proposal2. Reviewing our proposal

2. Reviewing our proposal

Based upon your requirements we will propose an initial ticket cap and level of resource required for your application, based upon an estimate of the average amount of time taken per ticket and level of out of hours cover required. We will provide a detailed plan for onboarding and will outline any requirements, such as availability of existing teams for knowledge transfer workshops where possible.

4. Calibrating support resource4. Calibrating support resource

4. Calibrating support resource

We realise that it can be hard to predict support volumes and the level of resource required. We find the best way is to re-evaluate after an initial three month period. Once we have some experience we will revisit our agreement with you to ensure that your package is cost-effective but gives you the right level of support.