The generic problem with SaaS software solutions

Off-the-shelf (OTS) software cannot meet every need. Prebuilt cloud solutions generally address the generic needs of most companies. However if your business is unique then it’s likely to have unique requirements that bespoke software will be better tailored to meet.

SaaS solutions are designed to be fixed and overcome this with frequent upgrades that suit the vendor rather than meet your business roadmap. The vast majority of off-the-shelf software will not allow you to customise its functionality or hone the user experience in a useful way. Additional features are added in a modularised fashion that layer across the core product. This creates usability issues and necessitates workarounds, often in the form of spreadsheets or manual processes.

If you build your own software, you can integrate with a wider set of APIs from different software and data partners allowing you to use best of breed tools, such as CRM’s, where they do meet your needs, but support the business with a customised engine that meets the ongoing requirements.

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