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Few things move faster than the pace of technological change. There is little doubt that a custom coded
solution, built by a team of experts offers the best outcome in supporting your user needs and enabling you to rapidly adapt to reflect changes in operating environment.
Think Catapult offers an accelerated route to market for these custom systems, reducing risk and providing a
solid platform that will stay current for the long term.

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Patterns and Best Practices

The best modern solutions are built using well-understood architectural patterns. However, developers around the world spend hundreds of thousands of hours a year developing custom enterprise code using these patterns.

Governance and Compliance

Cloud vendors provide guidance and best practice recommendations that constantly evolve as their platforms develop at speed. Governance and compliance are also constantly changing with industry standards and organisations’ own internal standards.

Great UX

The pace of change has meant that training is seen as an impediment to rapidly rolling out operational changes. Thankfully, well understood UX patterns have evolved that, when deployed effectively, can make complex business systems as easy to use as the apps your users use every day on their phones.

Built on Experience

Think Catapult encapsulates decades of experience building award-winning solutions to automate the creation of best-in-class enterprise solutions.

The Outcome

High quality code

Generated code that is indistinguishable from the best code written by a team of experts. The ability to customise and extend and subscribe to maintenance updates.


Modern data architecture

Relational and NoSQL. Caching and natural language search indexing. Snapshotting, versioning with native support for data lake ETL.

Modern cloud-native, container-based approach

A choice of architectures, dependent on your context and capability. From mono-repos and monoliths to complex suites of microservices

Slick user interfaces

Built from standard UX patterns with custom branding and templates with ability to fully customize and replace.

Best practice cyber security and data protection built in

Active Directory identity and roles, Azure security best practices, Detectify vulnerability scanning, sonarcloud static code analysis.

It’s not just code

User stories, C4 models, ADRs, test data and scenarios.

Built for production

DevOps pipelines, logging and APM designed and built for easy operations.

Own your destiny

No tie-ins, no dependencies, just a perpetual license that allows you to own your own destiny.

The Process

  • 01 Define your domain model and base data types.
  • 02 Define your policies and roles.
  • 03 Define your targets to be generated; web application, REST API, GRPC, databases etc.
  • 04 Generate a sandbox system and review with your stakeholders.
  • 05 Iterate with stakeholders.
  • 06 Obtain a perpetual license and obtain fully customised production quality source code.
  • 07 Subscribe to regular pull requests with platform and security updates to keep up to date.


Frontend web technologies

  • Docker
  • React
  • Next.js
  • Sass

Mobile technologies

  • React Native

Backend technologies

  • Docker
  • C#
  • DotNet Core
  • REST
  • OpenAPI
  • GRPC

Data technologies

  • SQL Azure
  • Azure Redis Cache
  • Azure Search
  • Azure Data Lake Storage V2

Deployment options

  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Azure App Service


  • GitHub Repos
  • GitHub Actions
  • Azure DevOps Pipelines
  • sonarcloud
  • Helm


  • UK Government GDS UX pattern library and theme
  • Think Platform pattern library and theme (with custom branding)
  • Ability to completely customize CSS and generated HTML


  • Domain Driven Design
  • Clean Architecture
  • Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS)
  • Cloud -native resilient practices


  • Structurizr C4 models
  • Patterns markdown
  • Architectural Decision Records (ADRs) markdown
  • Jira user stories and projects
  • GitHub projects user stories and projects