SQL Azure based solutions
Lay your data on the most solid of foundations
Unfortunately, many organisations struggle with accessing and managing their data with a variety of issues, including:
  • You're not able to unlock value in existing data
  • There is a limited reporting of live, operational data
  • Live reporting impacts system performance
  • Database maintenance either takes a lot of time or has fallen behind
  • There are concerns around security and resilience
  • Backup strategy and point in time backups are not robust
Azure SQL is an incredible service and is our default recommended database. The reliability, scalability, performance and ease of managing routine maintenance such as backups is industry leading. Many developers developing new systems will recommend no-SQL databases (such as MongoDB). While these have their place we strongly believe they are not the right choice for business critical operational systems. A relational database is still the best solution and Azure SQL is hands-down the best cloud based relational database for a number of reasons:
  • Extreme scalability from tiny databases to enormous, very high performance databases
  • Minimal down time and advanced disaster recovery options
  • Automation of many administration and maintenance tasks (such as index tuning)
  • Restore a point in time backup to any minute in the last 30 days
  • Sync multiple copies of the data seamlessly - even across regions
  • A very high level of security features and alerts
The benefits of using our approach to developing an application based upon SQL Azure include:
  • First class self service reporting and analysis with PowerBI
  • Rapid scalability and ability to respond quickly to changing demand
  • Platform as a service eliminates the need to manage servers (and security patching)
  • Comprehensive Azure hosting and 24x7 support options available
  • Option to add value to your business by owning source code and intellectual property
  • No ongoing license costs
We believe in always doing the best for our customers. We've built an expert team who are fully focussed on doing a great job and keeping you happy.
  • We are experts in software architecture, SQL Azure and solving hard problems
  • We're nice people and we really care about the service we provide
  • We are a Microsoft Gold Partner with access to additional support when needed
  • You can trust us to run your production systems. At scale
  • We have existing IP from previous projects that we can use to accelerate your solution
  • We're trusted by the biggest and the best