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At Talk Think Do we help you maximise business performance by ensuring your technology is firing on all cylinders. We’ll help you increase uptime for users, make the most cost-effective use of your technology resources, and keep your critical services running smoothly. Our Microsoft Azure managed services specialise in proactive, customer-focused support that understands your business and enables you to take maximum advantage of the cloud.

Microsoft Azure managed services: Simple, agile and flexible

Create a bespoke package of cloud managed services, designed for your needs, and optimised for your budget.

Here’s a look at the application Azure managed services we offer:



Improve your line of business with quick and effective IT integrations and deployments. Our DevOps engineers enable you to seize opportunities and make vital changes to how you work while ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

We ensure your business-critical operations are running at their best, with continuous availability and performance monitoring of services, as well as agile incident response.

Intellectual Property MonitoringIntellectual Property Monitoring

Intellectual Property Monitoring

Protect the integrity of your product with our source control or automated escrow services, ensuring your intellectual property is safe and only being used in the ways that you see fit.



Strengthen security with daily vulnerability scanning, critical fixes, patches, and assurance. If issues arise you can be safe in the knowledge that they’re proactively identified and resolved as soon as possible.

Database administrationDatabase administration

Database administration

We provide resources to help you continuously improve and optimise how you handle your critical business data, including database administration, tuning, backups and more.

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At Talk Think Do, we like to get to the point. That means using our know-how to help you solve business problems and achieve your goals – efficiently and affordably. It’s that simple.

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