Tech strategy
Consulting on the right technology to power your future.

What does digital transformation look like for your organisation?

At Talk Think Do, we believe in solutions that are bespoke to your needs. Our fast, effective and personalised Azure consulting is driven by your business goals. We use our experience with Microsoft Azure consulting and cloud architecture to understand the way you work and develop the right technology to help your business grow.

Azure consulting that puts you at the centre

Perhaps you’ve got legacy software that needs to be updated, or you want to adapt and evolve your business to stay ahead of the competition. Whatever the situation – from a Microsoft Azure migration strategy to transforming your entire business model – we’ve got you covered.

A simple conversationA simple conversation

A simple conversation

After a short consultation, we’ll begin to understand the fundamental objectives of your business. From there, we can make concrete recommendations about the right solution to achieve your goals.

Clear expectationsClear expectations

Clear expectations

It’s important you have a clear breakdown of the time and cost of your project. Our customer-first approach means we strive to make sure you know exactly what to expect at each stage of the project. We believe in being trusted partners for our clients.

The right steps for youThe right steps for you

The right steps for you

Our Azure architecture experience allows us to quickly identify the right plan of action for you. Whether it’s a migration, an app to capture customer data or another innovation, we provide the answer quickly and efficiently.

Microsoft Gold Partner

Empower transformation today

At Talk Think Do, we like to get to the point. That means using our know-how to help you solve business problems and achieve rapid growth – efficiently and affordably. It’s that simple.

Let's get started

We understand that your want to move from talking to doing as quickly and cost effectively as possible. With our tailored initial workshops we will get you on the right path without delay.

Tech Strategy Workshop

Identifying the right technology to power your future.

The Tech Strategy Workshop is a 2 hour workshop, prepared and delivered by our most experienced experts. By taking the time to understand your business, we’re able to provide the right technical solution for you to achieve your goals.

Azure Strategy Workshop

Ensuring you are getting the best return from your Microsoft Azure investment.

The Azure Strategy Workshop is a 2 hour workshop, prepared and delivered by our most experienced Microsoft Azure experts. We will review your current Microsoft Azure strategy (or help you start to create one).

Virtual CTO

Board level support to continually evolve a tech strategy to enable your business to grow, faster

Our Virtual CTO service provides all of the services of a CTO without having to employ one internally.